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We not only believe in respecting our planet but moreover the inhabitants of our planet.

Swapaholic is a clothing & accessory swap that helps declutter & refresh your closet; without hurting your wallet & our planet. As a former shopaholic (turned Swapaholic), founder Priyanka Shahra was shocked to learn of the colossal environmental and social hazards that exist through the textile lifecycle as late as 2015.


Being from a fairly exposed and well-educated background, it came as a surprise that someone like her was unaware of such a significant fact. Whilst pursuing a Certificate in Sustainability and a parallel Masters Degree in Strategic Design Management, she began to study the industry and quickly learnt that there were many others like her in cosmopolitan milieus who were shielded from this knowledge.

Swapaholic was born to create an alternate platform for fashion lovers like herself to be able to express their personal style without compromising our planet.


Swapaholic Priyanka believes that fashion doesn’t have to cost the earth – literally! Now she's building a circular community with a team of likeminded individuals who cares for the planet and loves fashion!

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Swapaholic is a fashion swap that empowers you to declutter & refresh your closet without compromise to your fashion, wallet or our planet.